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Bio: Maya Rabinaleb: Kaan. The feathered serpent. With their sense of justice, people born under the sign of Kaan are called to govern. They may also become healers and foretell the future. People born under Kaan posses the strength and power of the serpent as well as the sexual attraction. They are athletic as well as spiritual and are strong physically and mentally. They are born to serve the truth and would die for it. They are loyal, in the face of challenge, to their family or community and become drawn into posts of responsibility. Kaan gives them a dominant, determined and implacable character. Just like the serpent, they intimidate and then hold fast to an adversary. They dislike all forms of injustice and prefer to resolve immediately any difficult situation. They act wisely, calling on their own intuition, taking their role seriously and paying attention to the smaller details. They like to enjoy life but refuse to be indebted to anyone, either morally or materially. They should beware of people who enjoy them. They are attracted by many things: traveling, sciences, to which they might dedicate their life's work, or in the realm of the arts, where they show signs of great talent.

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