Nothing Fails (music video)

Posted on 10/01/2011

7.07/10 (30)
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In Music video
By Jānis
From Latvia
Length: 6:55
Year 2011

Director: Janis Viksne

This video is a manifestation of Daina’s love Helmuts ♥
We shot in the very beautiful Denmark in the area around Viborg.
Music in the first part of the video is composed by Janis Viksne. The other half features the very warm “Nothing fails” by Madonna.

Starring: Daina Viksne, Kristina Daukste, Snezana Nefjodova
Camera, Editing: Janis Viksne

We do not own the song “Nothing fails” by Madonna. It belongs to its respective owners. We respect the copyright!

1 comment

  1. Jane. (Jan 23, 2011, 22:33)

    Love this video! :-) It just takes my every time I see it again and again. Really love it! :-) <3


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