Sea of Attractions a.k.a. Piejura /Latvian title/

Posted on 23/09/2010

7.25/10 (12)
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In Documental
By Valdis
From Latvia
Length: 26:03
Year 2007

The film depicts a narrow stretch of marine coast, a no man’s land belonging both to the sea and the land. The inexpressible magic of this place attracts all living things, a place of absolute freedom and union with nature, at times serene, at others uncontrolled. With his gift for capturing the poetry of the moment, and using gentle irony, the Latvian documentarist observes activities in one of the lively areas on the shore of the Baltic sea. Soldiers, fishermen, motorcyclists, descendants of mediaeval knights and others come together here to open themselves up to a passion suppressed by the habits of civilisations.

Director, Editor: Dainis Klava
Cinematographer: Valdis Celmins
Music: Karlis Auzans
Producer: Uldis Cekulis /Vides Filmu Studija/


  1. Vents Grinbaums (Oct 5, 2010, 22:13)

    It is not bad, good camera, but for me must be at least half shorter.

  2. Gatis (Nov 13, 2010, 13:25)

    Sites favourite!