Parnemta maja / House Taken Over (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Posted on 02/11/2010

7.21/10 (43)
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In Fiction
By Uldis Gabriels Cipsts
From Latvia
Length: 10:15
Year 2009

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  1. Uldis Gabriels Cipsts (Dec 16, 2010, 21:30)

    I feel often like being alone and wandering in a big, empty wooden house. A creaky and outworn wooden house, full of dark corners and secrets. All the filming crew had this feeling when working on this film and we could not rid of this feeling a long time after the film was finished.
    Sometimes we discover that we are not alone in those silent, creaky corridors. And my film is an experiment which shows how a person can cohabit with the ghosts living in his head. The ghosts that have hunted him from his childhood on and which he has started to forget as the time passes by.

Uldis Gabriels Cipsts

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