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Posted on 22/10/2010

7.56/10 (59)
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In Fiction
By Uldis Gabriels Cipsts
From Latvia
Length: 12:16
Year 2008

Film from my film school second year.


  1. Uldis Gabriels Cipsts (Oct 22, 2010, 05:04)

    Even with english subtitles!

  2. Uldis Gabriels Cipsts (Dec 16, 2010, 21:29)

    I have always be interested in extreme emotional experience, and this film is my study about the things that happen to a person when he is so much in love that he feels completely helpless regarding his object of love. He acts like a complete idiot, tells stupid things, can not react adequately and is not able to express his feelings to his beloved. And if this person must also play a person in love in a student film…then it turns out to be a real film-shooting drama.

Uldis Gabriels Cipsts

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