EE 079 (2013)

Posted on 01/11/2013

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In Fiction
By Toms Taukulis
From Latvia
Length: 2:58
Year 2013

a film by Toms Taukulis

producer: Līga Novika
cast: Aigars ‘Bocmanis’ Dambekalns, Jānis Noviks
music: ‘Atrophy’ by The Antlers (from the 2009 album ‘Hospice’)

the quote at the beginning is actually not Anonymous and was taken from ‘Drinking: A Love Story’ by Caroline Knapp“ (done for the purpose of the piece).
‘EE 079′ was shot as a part of my film school studies; current project overseen by director Viktors Jansons.



Toms Taukulis

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