Sesils (2008)

Posted on 10/03/2011

7.75/10 (28)
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In Best Films, Fiction
By Roberts Kuļenko
From Latvia
Length: 9:57
Year 2008

Director: Roberts Kuļenko
DOP: Jānis Eglītis

A regular guy with an unusual problem: he is being followed around by a tiny foe, a dung fly that just won’t leave him alone. It makes his daily encounters with colleagues and other people around him uncomfortable to such a degree that the tiny buzzing creature becomes a serious nuisance.

1 comment

  1. Vents Grinbaums (Mar 10, 2011, 12:05)

    One of my top favorite short film from Latvia. Very good dialogs and camera work, main actor in screaming part wasn’t the best actor, but that’s a little minus. Really like it.

Roberts Kuļenko