Laika Suns – Ir Jau Vēls (2014)

Posted on 22/10/2014

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In Music video
By Roberts Kuļenko
From Latvia
Length: 4:05
Year 2014

A music video I directed for my friends, Latvian band LAIKA SUNS.

Cast: Andis Ansons & Vinita Vilcāne
Camera: Jānis Andrejevs
CGI: Kristaps Kemlers
Make Up: Maija Gundare & Roman Kaboshko
Gaffer: Toms Ločmelis
Camera Assistant: Andris Barbans
Beāte Stivriņa helped me with props and wardrobe. And huge thanks to Sergey Moosatov for lending us his parka.

Random Note: We didn’t have any budget for this so I actually ended up learning the basics in After Effects. Not counting the last shot, I did all the VFX myself.


Roberts Kuļenko