Cycle Riga, Riga Summer School Film

Posted on 12/03/2012

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By RigaSummerSchool
From Latvia
Length: 3:13
Year 2011

CYCLE RIGA “Cycle Riga” is a movie about the local population, tourists, even architectural buildings and different pieces, characterized by a continuous steady stream of circles. Nothing is eternal, but everything goes round and round and thus the city life remains eternal. The music, “Perpetuum Mobile” was chosen in purpose as has symbolic meaning. The film received Riga Summer School’s Certificate of Appreciation 2011. A film by: Beāte Bēvalde, Latvia; Akvile Gelaziute, Lithuania; Lela Rukhadze, Georgia. Produced by Kaspars Rūklis, Riga Summer School; Instructors Dmitrijs Ščegoļevs and Pēteris Sudakovs, Vizuālās kultūras klubs.