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Posted on 01/02/2013

8.76/10 (38)
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In Best Films, Fiction
By Reinis Spaile
From Estonia
Length: 10:24
Year 2012

The life of a young man shaken when the TV screen in his room turns into the hole in the wall. Suddenly from a passive observer he becomes a participant in the rising action. Stakes rise when it appears that on the other side of the wall there is a woman he fells in love with.
Directed: Reinis Spaile
DOP: Kalvis Kulačkovskis


Reinis Spaile

Currently studies at the Baltic Film and Media school. Has travelled around and is going to travel around even more. Adores fishing, learning at the fish university from fish professors life related subjects, sleeping into the open sky university, running in long distance/gravel road school, listening to people in the public space seminars, fresh air and water.