EZERA SKAŅAS 2014 //atskats

Posted on 25/11/2014

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By Reinis Spaile
From Latvia
Length: 2:18
Year 2014

The Lake Festival happens 5:00 in the morning in the middle of a distinct lake
on a stage that floats. In the beginning its dark. People approaches from all over the coast, meets and meets the morning together. What happens remains elusive as a dream, a dream to be remembered.

Tie visi esam mēs!
Katra laiva uz ezera ir viens paldies un katrs cilvēks tajā ir līdzautors.
Ezera Skaņas ir festivāls, kas notiek 5:00 no rīta ezera vidū uz peldošas skatuves.
Vienu rītu mēs sagaidam kopā un tas ir īpaši.


Reinis Spaile

Currently studies at the Baltic Film and Media school. Has travelled around and is going to travel around even more. Adores fishing, learning at the fish university from fish professors life related subjects, sleeping into the open sky university, running in long distance/gravel road school, listening to people in the public space seminars, fresh air and water.