Vadātājs [The Evil One]

Posted on 28/10/2010

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In Experimental
By Janis Krivans
From Latvia
Length: 5:24
Year 2010

Erotic fairytale “Vadātājs” (The Evil One)
-The Evil One (literally Leader, Driver) was a type of demon in Latvian mythology responsible for getting people lost. He can be either visible or invisible. If the vadātājs is in its invisible form, victim realises that he or she is walking in circles. In this short film we outplay The Evil One’s invisible form.-

film was shot in 36 hours within Shortfilm contest 2annas 2010 Experimental Shortfilm Workshop Comunity: U35 Erotica

Directed by Janis Krivans and Armands Erglis
Camera by Janis Krivans
Edited by Janis Krivans
CGI by Nils Hammers
VFX by Nils Hammers and Janis Krivans
Produced by Prata Palata

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  1. jj (Jun 12, 2011, 10:55)

    great job

Janis Krivans