Tā Tā Tā – Domino – Music Video

Posted on 21/02/2011

5.93/10 (29)
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In Music video
By Pavels Gumennikovs
From Latvia
Length: 3:34
Year 2011

Band: Tā Tā Tā
Song: Domino

Supported by: Coffee Inn

GumennikovFilms – www.gumennikovfilms.lv
Directed by: Pāvels Gumennikovs
Director of photography: Pēteris Sudakovs
Assistant of director of photography: Artūrs Šlosbergs
Make up: Dārta Tene
Script: Aija Hermane
Art design: Renāte Blūma
Assistants: Lāsma Graudiņa, Lauma Graudiņa, Renāte Blūma

Armands Ikalis, Jana Herbsta, Anete Krasovska, Oskars Deigelis, Lelde Podniece, Janis Brencis, Ilze Knutova, Janis Ozoliņš, Agnese Sniedze, Matīss Klaviniuss, Rasa Rozīte, Ričards Sniedze.


  1. Armands Začs (Feb 21, 2011, 20:49)

    I reaaaaly don’t get ’story’ sequences…

  2. Pavels Gumennikovs (Feb 26, 2011, 16:40)

    Story is about people who don’t notice anything around them…sitting in internet or focusing on something else, but not real life. and only the guy with a gun can make them finally turn their lifes around…everything is connected in this world.

Pavels Gumennikovs

From my childhood I knew I will be in film industry. That is why it feels strange to understand that many people of my age don’t know what they want. I chose filmmaking because it makes me happy. I love to do it and can’t imagine my life without it. I knew from the time when I saw my first cartoon, and later a movie, that I will choose this path. I remember that I watched them over and over again with no sound to figure out what made it so great. I think that it is not enough – to have a dream, you need to do something. So I spend every moment of my life doing all I can. From a small age, I was an actor in the theater, a performer, a singer and then a director. Later, I worked on Television, moved to China and shoot a film there with the help of great partners, money and actors I found. I won the 1st place in the biggest Chinese film competition. Film is the way I can remind people what they dreamed of, make them care, feel love or passion towards their own life. And the most important is that I can make them happy and enjoy my movie. Email: pavelgumennikov@gmail.com