Posted on 01/10/2010

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In Fiction
By Pavels Gumennikovs
From Latvia
Length: 26:42
Year 2010

BEST FILM AND BEST DIRECTOR AWARD – Sony, Tech-ex.com and University of China Cup

Director:Pavel Gumennikov
Screenplay:Anna Muravska

Life changing story…

There is nothing easier than to be like a child and there is nothing as hard as to keep this child alive inside yourself after you grow up. The man is never satisfied with what he has or is: in childhood we usually want to be grown ups, however when we grow up we want to go back to the childhood. What is the reason? Perhaps you also ask yourself this question like heroes of the movie do and also have this strange feeling that something is missing, but wonder how something which you didn’t even realize you have, could got lost.
People in the movie meet each other at a cup of coffee or just walking by the street. They have everyday talks, about nothing and everything. There are different relations between characters from every episode. Sometimes that is love, family, friendship or even hate and fears. But if we’d try to look at them with eyes of child inside us, would we still see those bright and perfectly harmonizes pictures of all mankind values like love, family, friendship?
Life of movie characters is either looking for the ‘right’ answer or escaping from the question itself. This movie is one more way to discuss with the audience ‘What actually matters?’
As for characters of this film it will be a live changing story, the same it will be for you…

Director: Pavel Gumennikov, Screenplay:Anna Muravska, Story idea created:Pavel Gumennikov, Operators:Wang Bao Ping, Pavel Gumennikov, Producer:Pavel Gumennikov, Editing & Post Production:Peteris Sudakovs

Starring:Pavel Gumennikov, Hao Chen (JJ), wang kai zheng, Liu Li Ming, Kang Xi Yue,Liu Ke, Liu Ping, Ma Ping Chuan, Liu Xi Fei, Wang Ting Ting, Yang Zi Zhen, Liu Li Zhen, Xu Min Bai.

Music supervisor: Peteris Sudakovs, Ilze Rence, Pavel Gumennikov
Casting: Pavel Gumennikov
Photo edting: Raivis – Maksimilians Freidensons

Music: Sus Dungo, Ehma, Sydney Poma, Brad Sucks, Pornophonique.

How the film was created:
It all started as a joke, when I was sitting with my friend Ilze, back in Latvia and laughing about my idea going to China. Ilze were telling me, well you are blond with blue eyes, you should become Chinese Brad Pitt, or maybe you can go in film direction. So we both laughed about it. But when I got to China, I got an idea of film, of the story that I would like to tell to people and I told the story to a very important person in my life – Anna, that told me:I can write a script about it, and then one more great friend of mine told me: there is a competition going on in China, where you can participate if you make a film.
So that is how it started, and then it was amazing how many people were helping me. Getting me cameras (even they were simple), finding actors, fighting with Chinese language (as nobody here understands English). But at the end this small dream came true…It is not perfect, there are a lot of technical mistakes…But this film was created without spending money, but proving that people are great and they believe in other people dreams and help you to realize them.


  1. Māsīca (Oct 8, 2010, 11:49)

    Well done Pasha, beautiful film :) x

  2. Katrina (Oct 9, 2010, 02:42)

    Well done Pasha, beautiful film :) x

  3. Rimma (Oct 13, 2010, 12:37)

    You are the best!!!

  4. Pavel Gumennikov (Oct 22, 2010, 14:39)


Pavels Gumennikovs

From my childhood I knew I will be in film industry. That is why it feels strange to understand that many people of my age don’t know what they want. I chose filmmaking because it makes me happy. I love to do it and can’t imagine my life without it. I knew from the time when I saw my first cartoon, and later a movie, that I will choose this path. I remember that I watched them over and over again with no sound to figure out what made it so great. I think that it is not enough – to have a dream, you need to do something. So I spend every moment of my life doing all I can. From a small age, I was an actor in the theater, a performer, a singer and then a director. Later, I worked on Television, moved to China and shoot a film there with the help of great partners, money and actors I found. I won the 1st place in the biggest Chinese film competition. Film is the way I can remind people what they dreamed of, make them care, feel love or passion towards their own life. And the most important is that I can make them happy and enjoy my movie. Email: pavelgumennikov@gmail.com