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Posted on 01/10/2010

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By Pavels Gumennikovs
From Latvia
Length: 1:45
Year 2010

Treiler for winner of biggest Chinese International film competition film – Kaleidoscope.
Director: Pavel Gumennikov
Editor: Peteris Sudakovs

Treileris filmai Kaleidoskops – Filma, kas uzvarēja lielākajā Starptautiskajā Ķinas jauno režisoru konkursā.
Režisors: Pāvels Gumennikovs
Montāža: Pēteris Sudakovs


Pavels Gumennikovs

From my childhood I knew I will be in film industry. That is why it feels strange to understand that many people of my age don’t know what they want. I chose filmmaking because it makes me happy. I love to do it and can’t imagine my life without it. I knew from the time when I saw my first cartoon, and later a movie, that I will choose this path. I remember that I watched them over and over again with no sound to figure out what made it so great. I think that it is not enough – to have a dream, you need to do something. So I spend every moment of my life doing all I can. From a small age, I was an actor in the theater, a performer, a singer and then a director. Later, I worked on Television, moved to China and shoot a film there with the help of great partners, money and actors I found. I won the 1st place in the biggest Chinese film competition. Film is the way I can remind people what they dreamed of, make them care, feel love or passion towards their own life. And the most important is that I can make them happy and enjoy my movie. Email: pavelgumennikov@gmail.com