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Posted on 29/04/2013

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In Fiction
By Pauls Kesteris
From Latvia
Length: 21:40
Year 2011

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  1. Renny (Jun 15, 2013, 01:21)

    1. I think that what Paul is trying to say is that while aultds may repress negative memories and behaviors, children cannot. They may not be aware of their feelings toward someone or of their memories of that person, their subconscious will always remember some of it. If we follow Freud\’s theories, then individuals will be shaped by the happenings of their childhood. Whether the individual remembers the circumstance or not, the experience of it will influence his or her growth and development. In those terms, it is not strange of Paul to have explained the child\’s memory in such a way. The child will remember and be influenced by Sophie\’s presence in her life to a much greater degree than the mother will. The mother may repress or deny Sophie\’s existence and influence in her life, but the child cannot. Childhood memories, though potentially vague and mixed, are often the most affecting upon our views and behaviors.2. I think that perhaps Sophie is not only concerned with the report but is also concerned with what Paul thinks of her. Before attempting to leave, she had confessed many important things to Paul. She was vulnerable and open, and his judgement of her was now more complete than it had been. Though very beneficial, I believe that this caused her to feel weak. She needed reassurance regarding what he believed she had done on the day of the accident, and when he was unable to give her a full and strong answer, I believe that she felt helpless. Here she was, having given all the information he had wanted, yet he could not give her what she wanted. I believe that it was not about the report but about their relationship. She wants his approval and his trust, and she needs to feel safe about how he will document her.3. I cannot say what Paul\’s reasons of calling Sophie\’s parents were other than those he states. However, I do believe that he is inclined to know how much of Sophie\’s private life they are aware of. The parents\’ knowledge of any of the happenings between Sophie and Cy could lead to some very complicated legal issues. I am concerned though, that he did not ask her permission to call her parents before doing so. He did not address any of the issues he told the parents of with Sophie, and thus I think it may not have been appropriate of him to reach them without consent.

Pauls Kesteris

After spending most of my early youth as a musician, I fell in love with film and never looked back. Graduated Baltic Film and Media School in 2011 and since then I've directed commercials and short films. ''Personality Shop'' (2011), was nominated as the Best Debut at the Latvian National Film Awards. Since 2012 I've been interning at production companies in New York and Los Angeles. Currently working at Backyard Productions in Venice, CA. In the early 2013 I served as the Executive Producer of a full feature film - ''Oki In The Middle Of The Ocean'' directed by Maris Martinsons (Best Director Award at the Shanghai International Film Festival 2008), produced in Los Angeles.