Color Correction & FX Grading reel 2011

Posted on 01/09/2011

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In Trailers
By Nafta Films
From Estonia
Length: 3:02
Year 2011

All color grading, -correction and compositing done in NAFTAs grading theatre in Tallinn, Estonia.

Clips courtesy of NAFTA, Homeless Bob Productions and Triamen Film.

Track used: Commix – Japanese Electronics (Instra:mental Moog Remix)


Nafta Films

Founded in 2001, NAFTA Films has now become one of the most high end film, commercial, VFX, and audiovisual production company in Estonia. After completing our 10 TV Series sci-fi comedy "IT-Planet" for the Estonian TV3 in Spring, we are now developing two full feature films and ready for the new commercial season. Last but not least we are glad to welcome you and your audiovisual projects to our new fully equipped grading theatre with 2k - 4k grading capacities. We provide full service from grading to the mastering of your project in various formats.