99942 Apophis

Posted on 26/05/2013

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In Animation
By Matas Zaloga
From Lithuania
Length: 1:00
Year 2013

Asteroid 9942 Apophis caused a brief period of concern in December 2004, as initial observations indicated a probability of up to 2.7% that it would strike the Earth in 2029. Also, a possibility remained that during the 2029 close encounter with Earth, Apophis would pass through a gravitational keyhole, a small region no more than about 800m wide, that would set up a future impact on April 13, 2036.

Research was made. It revealed that billion years ago a primitive life form could have been brought to a planet Earth by some accidental asteroid. Despite there are loads of potential threats in our solar system asteroid Apophis was chosen and a 325m wide rock with its composition was re-created.

This short animation is a visual experimentation and a response to a word ‘Vision’


Matas Zaloga

Hi! I'm Matas- Director and Visual artist at zazu-studio.com . I animate, solve visual problems and can't start a day without a fresh ground coffee I am open for new opportunities and collaborations. Feel free to drop me a line!