Posted on 04/01/2011

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In Animation
By Maigurs Prūsāns
From Latvia
Length: 2:27
Year 2010

This is my first animation work whear I work a alone. This project for my was wery important. Through this work I learned many things about the film making of.
The story is about conscience, we all have a conscience, which sometimes tormented off. The story tells us, if you do a bad things then conscience
tortured to death.


  1. Vents Grinbaums (Jan 4, 2011, 14:26)

    short, with simple story line, but I kind of like it.

  2. Liene Linde (Jan 6, 2011, 13:45)

    nicely done graphics and visuality, still i wonder, you called it “experimental animation”, so where does the experiment part come in?

  3. Angela (Jan 7, 2011, 02:45)

    Really liked the animation.

  4. Maigurs Prūsāns (Jan 7, 2011, 15:06)

    I am pleased that you like it.
    I call this animation “Experimental animation”,
    because this project for my wos experiment.

Maigurs Prūsāns

Animator, artist, ilustration, digital art.