5 minute handshake

Posted on 23/07/2010

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In Documental
By Maarit Murka
From Estonia
Length: 6:53
Year 2009

The video called “5 minute handshake” (6`53“) is based on concept of time. Again artist is trying through series of experiments to test how humans sense the time with its limits (time units). Two characters are standing in a neutral environment and the task for them is to shake hands during five minutes of period. They have to sense themselves the limit of five minutes, but after carrying on the test for several times, the time limit always was couple of minutes after the limit. Which also puts us against very strange fact- why can’t the people without clock know the correct time? If time is constantly ruling our lives and constantly are we involved with our everyday tasks with it, why people tend to exceed the time limit? One answer can be that new generation is pushing the limits of time, is trying to achieve more and more and often we get caught again in “the circle” of life, which is being stressed and limited every step of the way. As one politician once said- “our clocks determine our mortality” it is true- without knowledge of minutes, hours, days, months etc we would be in our mind immortals, but as we know the time frames which are put on our lives, we are constantly being drawn into a circle of life with its start and the ending.


Maarit Murka

MAARIT MURKA Born on 02-12-81 www.murka.ee EDUCATION 2009- ... Baltic Film and Media School screenplay MA 2004- 2006 Academy of Fine Arts of Helsinki painting MA 2000- 2004 Estonian Academy of Arts painting BA 1997- 2000 Old Town Educational College art department ASSOCIATIONS 2007 Estonian Artists Association 2007 Estonian Painters Association 2005 Estonian Authors` Society SOLO-EXHIBITIONS 2010 "Hairpower" Y Gallery Minsk Belarus 2010 "Hairpower" Vaal Gallery Tallinn 2009 "0.43" ArtDepoo and SooSoo Gallery Tallinn 2009 "0.43" Korjaamo Gallery Helsinki Finland 2008 "I´m an artist from post-soviet country?" Nobilis space Paris France 2007 "ART+POLITICS=POWER" ArtDepoo Gallery Tallinn 2007 "STALKER" City Gallery Tallinn 2007 "Fotofobia" Patarei prison Tallinn 2007 "The new beginning" Draakon Gallery Tallinn 2006 "Wake up!" ArtDepoo Tallinn 2005 "The truth is out there" Vaal Gallery Tallinn 2003 "Estonian boy. Estonian girl" (with Tõnis Saadoja) Vaal Gallery Tallinn GROUP-EXHIBITIONS 2010 "The Sovereign Art Foundation Exhibition" Barbican Centre London UK 2010 "Festival Internazionale del Cinema d`Arte - IXth edition" Bergamo Italy 2010 "MAGMART, THE BEST OF" Naples Italy 2010 "Deflection being. 21 century art from the collection of Tartu Art Museum" Tartu Art Museum 2009 "Note" Võru City Gallery 2009 "Sleepwalkers - Black Nights Film Festival" Estonia 2009 "AsoloArtFilmFestival XXVIII edition" Naples Italy 2009 "II Festival International de Videoarte Decamaguey" Decamaguey Cuba 2009 "Souveniers from earth" international Cable TV station 2009 "Vilnius Art Fair" ArtDepoo Gallery Vilnius Lithuania 2009 "Self-portraits. Poses and diagnosis" KUMU Art Museum Estonia 2009 "MAGMART - video under volcano" Naples Italy 2009 "IGVFest" Dublin Ireland 2009 "CDH - 2009" Moscow Russia 2009 "Sarajevo Winter Festival" Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina 2009 "Life 69" Rakvere Estonia 2008 "The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition" Agora Gallery Chelsea New York U.S.A 2008 "Baltic Biennale 2008" Manege Sankt-Peterburg 2008 "Place, that moves" KUMU Art Museum Estonia 2008 "Nord Art `08" Rendsburg Germany 2008 "Perfect ring" ArtDepoo Tallinn 2008 "Roll Up Art" Bucharest Romania 2008 "3rd AAW International Youth Salon" Atelier of Alexandria Egipt 2008 "Liberty Square" Art Hall Tallinn 2007 "Estonian landscape `07" Tartu Tigu tower 2007 "ArtDepoo highlights-estonian young painting vol.1" ArtDepoo Tallinn 2007 "Tartu.University and painting school" Artists House Tartu 2007 "JCE 2007" Montrouge France 2007 "Body changing" ArtDepoo Tallinn 2007 "Nord Art `07" Rendsburg Germany 2007 "New Wave" Tallinn Art Hall 2006 "Spring exhibition" Helsinki Art Hall 2005 "Zielpunkt" ArtDepoo Tallinn 2005 "New Estonian art" Art Centre "Kannel" Võru 2005 "Identities" Tallinn Art Hall Estonia 2004 "Here, but not now" Picture Gallery Kaunas Lithuania 2004 " Notes about paintings. Estonian and Lithuanian young art" Vaal Gallery Tallinn 2004 " Lets go" Salt Storage Tallinn 2004 "Ich bin ein Maler" Tallinn Art Hall 2003 "Inevitable to live at the same time" Estonian Art Museum 2001 "Real realism" Tallinn Art Hall PRIZES 2008 Sankt-Peterburg I Baltic Biennale prize 2005 Vaal Gallery art prize PUBLIFICATIONS 2007 "Pärnu in estonian art" Andra Orn and Anneli Lepp 2005 "22+ Estonian young artists" Karin Laansoo COLLECTIONS Tartu Art Museum Private collections - in Estonia Latvia Finland Sweden France Hungary Italy