Sterile zone

Posted on 09/01/2015

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In Fiction
By Lauma Balode
From Latvia
Length: 25:36
Year 2012


Original Title: Sterilā zona

Genre: Tragicomedy

Format: feature, HD, 16:9, colour, stereo, 25’35 min

Country of Production: Latvia

Director: Lauma Balode

Screenplay: Lauma Balode

Cinematographer: Aleksandrs Grebņevs

Production Designer: Maija Jansone

Costume Designer: Maija Jansone

Makeup Artist: Dace Dubava

Sound: Andrejs Trainovskis

Editor: Roberts Rubīns

Main Cast: Jurģis Spulenieks, Inese Pudža,

Others: Lāsma Kugrēna, Andis Kvēps, Lauma Balode etc.

Producer: Elīna Zazerska

Production Company: Latvian Academy of Culture, Master Degree film in Audio-visuals Culture Studies/ Film directing

National Premiere: 02.02.2012

VKKF, “Labie darbi”

Kristaps is a medicine student. His father was a great surgeon. Kristaps wants to become a surgeon as well, but in one of his first operations he faints…

Film is a tragicomic story about dreams and ways to reach them; it is about belief in ourselves and sometimes about a struggle, legends of family and ability to change ourselves.

Lauma Balode

Lauma is film and theatre director and professional actress in films and theatre.

Short fiction: “Sterile Zone” 2012

Short documentary: “That is the Picture“ 2010

Official Film festivals and awards

Lielais Kristaps 2012, Riga, Latvia- panorama programme;

2ANNAS 2012, Riga, Latvia- Baltic competition programme, Relax Ture Avard;

CinEAST 2012, Luxemburg, Short feature films marathon competiton programme;

ZubrOFFka 2012, Bialystok, Poland, International competition, international competition 3rd place award in category „The EAST“;

FISH 2013, Rostock, Germany, Latvian programm.

STIFF 2014, Rijeka, Croatia, Official selection.

Contact info-

Director- Lauma Balode-

Head of the Audio Visual Studio programme in Latvian Academy of Culture- prof. Peteris Krilovs-


Lauma Balode

Since I remember myself, I always wanted to become a movie star. I even became a director, so I would have more opportunities to work as an actress in films.