UpSent- “Naked” (official music video) 2015 B&W director’s cut

Posted on 30/09/2015

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In Music video
By Jevgenijs Kobzevs
From Latvia
Length: 4:16
Year 2015

This music video was shot for Latvian Smart Rock band UpSent in 2015. Director- Evgeny Kobzev, prod. Vadim Medvedev, D.O.P.- Aleksandrs Grebnevs, additional footage – Mitch Martinez. Editing -Evgeny Kobzev. CC ( for colour version) and VFX- Ritvars Lasmanis


Jevgenijs Kobzevs

I'm director and owner of Pandora Media studio. I direct commercials and music videos, also i'm songwriter and singer @ latvian smart rock band -UpSent