Posted on 18/11/2010

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In Experimental
By Kaspars Gross
From Latvia
Length: 13:14
Year 2002

Ode to an outsiderism.

One of my first projects. Conceptually raw and naive – with taste of times when cameras was still recording on VHS tapes and avarage computer was able to capture max. 360×288 of picture resolution.

Shot in 1 day for 2 ANNAS film contest – even got the diploma (don’t remember what was the nomination). Later film got number of prizes and nominations in different nonprofessional film contests.

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  1. x (Nov 28, 2010, 15:43)

    I don’t like that- very pseudotarkovsk’ish and I was totally bored by 4-5 minute, even don’t watched till end…

Kaspars Gross

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