Nemet Plinti Krūmos / Don’t Give Up Your Guns

Posted on 03/09/2012

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In Documental
By Juris Kudeiko
From Latvia
Length: 17:02
Year 2010

Many Latvians come to the UK every year in search of a better life. In the depth of the economic crisis in Latvia, the choices were limited. The inadequate income, sometimes as little as £3 a day, is not enough to live comfortably, let alone support a family. Director Juris Kudeiko creates a timely and intimate portrait of a young Latvian man who immigrates to the UK and depicts an adventurous and hopeless, yet sometimes even funny world of ‘mo money mo problems’.

Camera, Editing: Juris Kudeiko
Editing assistant: Ieva Kudeiko
Subtitle editor: Ieva Kudeiko

2010. UWE’s Best Graduate Documentary award for the film “Dont’t Give Up Your Guns” Bristol, UK
2010. “Dont’t Give Up Your Guns” nominated for Best Student Documentary at “Shefield International Film Festival” Sheffield, UK
2010. Royal Television Society award for the best student documentary. Bristol, UK

*film was produced as a part of my final degree project.


Juris Kudeiko