Posted on 15/02/2012

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In Fiction
By Ivars Blanks
From Latvia
Length: 27:15
Year 2011

Length: 27’
Director / writer: Ivars Blanks
Cameraman: Marcis Ruikis, Marcis Abele
Music composer: Girts Strumpmanis
Main actors: Evita Vilde, Gerda Pulkstene, Varis Pinkis, Alvis Buls
Year: 2011

This is a story about the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs transferred to nowadays, where each of the classic characters is projected to several of the most significative images of current Latvian society.
The movie tells about a young woman Snezana who has absolutely no control over her life. She is tossed up and down, however, due to her beauty the girl always gets lucky.
Even though the plot is based on a story of high morale, its purpose is to entertain instead of giving any life lessons.

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Ivars Blanks

born in Riga maternity hospital