Video installation “Soup”

Posted on 10/11/2010

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In Experimental
By Inese Vēriņa
From Latvia
Length: 5:03
Year 2010

2 channel video-installation, 3′30”, presented on exhibition “Offset” in Riga, Latvia, June 2010

Soup is a food known by practically everyone. It has various recipes and even more various ingredients that sometimes cannot be named after trying the soup. It could be said that soup contains and hides in itself various ingredients that we will never discover.
It is symbolic story is about young couple what are going trough surreal event and gets in time-wrap.

Director: Inese Verina
Script: Inese Verina
Producer: Daiga Livcane
DOP: Peteris Sudakovs
Focus assistent: Arturs Slosbergs
Make Up artist: Maija Gundare
Costumes: Evija Dzonsone, Dita Maļinovska

Main Cast: Viola Karule, Kaspars Aniņš

This is Inese’s Verina’s diploma work graduating Latvian Academy of Art.

Film shoot in two locations using POV camera (Canon Mark II, Sony XD Cam)


Inese Vēriņa