Space Poodle

Posted on 10/11/2010

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In Animation
By Inese Vēriņa
From Latvia
Length: 1:47
Year 2009

This animation is about situations, when somebody do things that nobody likes to see later. But in the same time, nobody knows who did it and anybody will not confess about it, too.

Space Poodle is computer animation I made in aesthetics inspired from NES, ZX Spectrum and other old video game consoles. Scene graphics are built in Photoshop pixel-by-pixel and then animated in After Effects.

Genre: Animation
Year: 2009
Lenght: 2′0”

Director: Inese Verina
Story andanimation: Inese Verina
Music: Edward D-Tech

1 comment

  1. Janis Viksne (Nov 10, 2010, 20:05)

    Again, the atmosphere is incredible. :)
    Really nice job!

Inese Vēriņa