Gold Digger #1

Posted on 10/11/2010

7.29/10 (24)
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In Animation
By Inese Vēriņa
From Latvia
Length: 1:50
Year 2007

Computer animation in old-school video game style. Inspiration for character and background design came from ZX Spectrum and other old game computer graphics aesthetics.

Animation story is about mainstream girl who are going for stereothipical prizes.

Genre: Animation
Year: 2007
Lenght: 2 min

Director: Inese Verina
Story and character design: Inese Verina
Animation: Inese Verina
Music: Edward D-Tech

1 comment

  1. Janis Viksne (Nov 10, 2010, 20:02)

    Fantastic mood to the video :)

Inese Vēriņa