Posted on 10/02/2012

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In Trailers
By Inese Stade
From Latvia
Length: 0:53
Year 2011

Opera Heartbeats is a narrative video art – short about up-and-coming Latvian opera singer Kristine Opolais’s emotions before, on and after the stage. The main goal of the crew is to inspect opera as classical art from different point of view. To achieve that we’ve managed to interact a personality of a young and talented opera artist, vivid personality with dynamic editing style and electronic music which is far from opera as such.
The short consists of five episodes reflecting an evolution of artist’s emotions that are all bonded with events in her professional and personal life:
Project was made by internationally represented crew: idea and production – Latvia; video artists – Latvia, Norway; music – Latvia, Finland, Italy. Episodes are filmed on Canon EOS 7D. Music is electronic, classical music and Kristine’s voice mix. Two artists had worked on a project. Norwegian artist Endre Tveitan shows several video images composed into one ever changing video picture. Gints Apsits experimented with colour and ink saturating the whole image.


Inese Stade

Inese Stade, producer and director, Bachelor of Arts of Latvian Academy of Music with more than 15 years video and sound experience: TV reality shows, broadcast programs, documentaries, commercials, different kind of video and sound productions. Passionate and experienced in her field, but still always looking for new experiences and possibilities both to teach and learn. That is why she agreed on readership in university for Editing and Directing department. Creative and flexible, always beloved by her creatives as personality and professional. Last few years she had been working both on commercial and noncommercial projects.