Sublimating Metomorphosis

Posted on 06/03/2013

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In Fiction
By Arunas Eimulis
From Lithuania
Length: 13:09
Year 2012

Creation without fear, jungle without bites, nights without nightmares riding their victims – nothing can force an artist to betray their beliefs, not even death. Every artist is certain that he or she is the only one who is in charge of the substance which has potential to tame horror and change the destiny of humankind.
The film depicts a love triangle of modern artists.


Arunas Eimulis

Already as a University student, Arunas acquired a webcam and with his flatmate Donatas began making short home videos, which became instant success and a major hit in their friend circles. From this point Arunas decided to immerse himself in cinema; however it was not an easy task to achieve: it required a lot of time and effort to turn his passion into the lifestyle. Arunas continues working with the same friend and now colleague Donatas: they run their own company “Vaizdo Studija” in Klaipeda and specialise in short films as well as in cultural and commercial projects. Their short films were shown and acclaimed in various film festivals locally and internationally.