short film ‘Ordinary summer’ (Latvia/Russia/United Kingdom)

Posted on 06/01/2011

8.35/10 (124)
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In Fiction
By Sergey Lavrenov
From Latvia
Length: 13:35
Year 2010

Biography drama based on 3 real stories about missconnections and missplacement in young modern society.

Sergey Lavrenov
Director; Producer
Baltic Entertainment Union

Maxim Kovalevich

Yuris Emil Svans
Executive Producer

Sergey Lavrenov

Ester Shapiro
Aleks Gorelov
Lead actors

Dmitry Belozerov
Additional Photography

Edgars Punculis
Key Grip

Stas Tokalov
Assistant Camera


  1. Angela (Jan 7, 2011, 02:42)


    sad stories tho…. but that’s a real life examples of misunderstanding between people.
    its very appreciating to see the focus on most related issues in a humans’ life.

    p.s. just wondering, is the movie based on real life stories?

  2. Marina (Jan 7, 2011, 12:35)

    In this story I found some parallels with my personal life… I guess everybody can find something similar to their own destiny. And I believe this short film is a chance to look deeply in your own soul, and maybe to make there some changes for preventing mistakes in your life…

  3. name (Jan 8, 2011, 08:17)

    Makes you think of your own life and what is really important…

Sergey Lavrenov

DIRECTOR, WRITER *Awards - short film "Sunset from our dream" (Winner of International Film Festival "Viera", Grand-Prix from director Takeshi Kitano) 2008 *Education - Schukin Theatre University (Moscow) Work - * Baltic Entertainmet Union - director (Riga) * Russian World Studios - 2nd director (Moscow) * film company "Tele-City" - 2nd director (Moscow)