Surreal ballet film”Hack Your Own Leg”(Latvia)1988.,in Swedish version…

Posted on 22/02/2012

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In Experimental
From Latvia
Length: 11:46
Year 1988

The destiny of this film is worth a crime story and it has happened so that 24 years since it has been filmed you are its first audience — congratulations! This is the first step on the long direction road of Aigars Grauba (feature films „Rigas sargi”, „Baiga vasara”, “Team Dream 1935″ ). Now it seems that it is better to open this historical page in Swedish than not to open it at all. So why did it happen this way?
When the movie was finished it only had to be updated with sound. At the time there was upcoming a film festival in Sweden so we decided to create a swedish version first. Then there was the turbulent period of our history — the Soviet Union collapsed and the Riga film Studio was also shut up. For a while nobody had time to record the sound in Latvian. The Latvian text fonogramms were lost somewhere and the text itself was also last. Quite ironically because Juris Strenga ir speaking in Latvian but being duplicated by a Swedish theater director Hans Bartilsson.
Unfortunately the text was so difficult that even its author Aigars Grauba cannot reconstruct it by heart. My attempts to ask for backtranslation from Swedish have not been fruitful also. It would be really interesting if somebody could backtranslate the text. Or the other option is to translate it from Swedish to English. The authors of the film would be very grateful.
Right now I am inviting everybody to take part in a peculiar happening and to invent the text of the film on your own (except the lucky Swedish of course). Good luck!
Location: mainly in the old Opera house shortly before grand reconstruction (by the way lifting mechanism for ballerinas is absolutely autentic. While filming it I felt like 100 years ago!)
Directors: Aigars Grauba, Igors Linga
Scenario: Aigars Grauba
Cinematographer: Andris Damburs
Assistent of Cinematographer: Jānis Eglītis
Main role: Juris Strenga
Filmed on 35 mm SVEMA film stock, cameras ARRIFLEX, KONVAS & RAPID (old Soviet)
no computers, just film!

Text introduction to movies! Many thanks to Benjamin Zadig from Sweden!
“And God Said,
May the water bring forth a swarm of living creatures.”
But also let the birds fly under the earth, under the skies bracket (fäste?).”
And God created the large sea animals, and that whole swarm of living creatures that water abounds with, after their species.
And even so all winged birds, after their species.
And God saw that it was good.
And God blessed them and said: be fruitful & multiply, fulfill the water in the seas. And also the birds to multiply on earth. And it become evening. And it become morning (cut to the girl in her bed) the fifth day. But a fog arose from the Earth (Planet Earth) and watered the whole ground. And the angels faces turned gloomy because the next day they heard their equals screams of pain, with soaked wings they couldn’t take off to escape. The pain…in their legs…was too deep (HUGG ER I BENET which means stab yourself in the leg).
To be continued ….



Director of Photography. All the music videos filmed by me were produced between 1987 and 1993. They were filmed on 35 mm film and no computer treatment had been used in any of them.