Müstiline raba / Mysterious Swamp

Posted on 25/02/2013

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In Animation, Best Films
By Chintis Lundgren
From Estonia
Length: 2:51
Year 2013

It’s a mysterious story about a black stork, some frogs and a terrible danger lurking deep in the Estonian swamps.

Animation and idea: Chintis Lundgren
Music and sound: Pastacas (Ramo Teder)
Voices: Pihla Teder, Pastacas
Producers: Paolo Polesello, Olav Osolin

Supported by The Animation Workshop (Denmark), Estonian Cultural Endowment and also through the awesomeness of crowd-funding (Hooandja) some lovely people from all over Estonia.
Lenght: 3 minutes


Chintis Lundgren