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Bio: Present occupation: Director, producer, Member Education: 1979 – graduated from The State Theatre, Music and Film Institute in St.Petersburg as director of motion picture and TV production. Movies: 1982 „Olga Pirag’s Singing” 1984 „A Play With the Wind” 1986 „The light in your window” 1987 „Voldemars and Leontine” 1988 „Brothers Under the Sun” 1989 „A House on the Main Road” „Pits Andersons” 1990 „I was born with a song on my lips” 1991 „Gunars Janovskis” „...And we” 1992 „Aleksandrs Pelecis” 1993 „The Return of the Light” 1994 „The Cakstes Family Tree” 1997 „Captain Krulle” 1998 „Poikans”, „Eizensteins Eden”, „Latvia-80 1999 „Cinema century in Latvia” 10 parts „Latvia radio – 75” 2001 „The Children of Siberia” „Ocupation of Latvia” part 1, 2, 3 2002 „Siberian Diaries”part 1-2 2003 „Siberian Diaries”part 3-4 2003 „Signe and...” 2004 „Greetings from Siberia”,”Latvian presidents” 2005 „Once There was Siberia” 2006 „Remember or Forget” 2007 „John Dored Island” 2007 „600 stories” 2008 „...and Igarka, Hope and Butterfly” 2009 „Agapitova and the Rescued” 2010 „Remember Siberia” The films „Voldemar and Leontina” in 1987 „A House on the main road” in 1989 „The children of Siberia” in 2001 „Siberian Diaries” part 1.-4. in 2003 The best films for the year in Latvian TV

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