Alone – student short 16′

Posted on 14/02/2011

7.84/10 (37)
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In Best Films, Fiction
By Armands Začs
From Latvia
Length: 16:10
Year 2011

A student short – exercise in using voice-over.

A young man sees the world in black and white. There is he and those who have ruined his life. By trying to get his revenge, he gains some wisdom, but get’s even lonelier in the process.

Script and Directing – Armands Začs
Camera – Jānis Reinfelds

Latvian Culture academy, 2011


  1. Sergey (Feb 18, 2011, 13:30)

    What’s with the low rating. seems weird that this film is 5.7 when crap (i’m sorry – that’s my opinion) like ‘house taken over’ is 7.51

    Nice little film – dialogue is surprisingly good. story has some flaws but still well thought out. Had some issues about camerawork in the first dialogue episode but otherwise – very good.

    It’s nice to see that LKA is producing something fresh and interesting. I maybe rate this a bit too high, but for a semester work – really good. keep it up!

  2. Madara (Feb 21, 2011, 19:00)

    I totally agree. Very good work!

  3. Liene (Feb 23, 2011, 09:06)

    You’re right, Sergey, the voting system, which is very nice in theory, is not yet working in practice, as those who have many friends or access to many IPs collect bunch of good votes, and the good films with no such PR remains unnoticed. What is to be done – maybe BalticShorts need some impartial film critics or some experts of the kind that would pick their favorites of the month, and people could have some guidance which film is or isn’t crap. “Alone” would certainly qualify for one of the best pieces in the portal at the current moment.

Armands Začs