True Gifts (short film)

Posted on 22/09/2010

3.22/10 (9)
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In B Category
By Andris Krastiņš
From Latvia
Length: 5:25
Year 2010

A spoon-fed madam comes head to head with the ugly truth that not only nobody loves her, but that she herself doesn’t love herself.
A psychedelic tale of glamour, suspense and the inner reaches of human psyche. More info @

Created for the 2nd annual Charity Challange with the contest theme – gifts.

Music by Juanitos ( and Laura Krastiņa.

Creative Commons BY-SA licence.

1 comment

  1. Hannah (Feb 25, 2011, 14:07)

    home-made youtube vid wich is painful to watch due to its meaninglessness and total amateurism. please this be transferred to Category B asap, although it would suck even tagged as B.

Andris Krastiņš

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