Movements Between Moments

Posted on 19/10/2010

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In Experimental
By Andris Krastiņš
From Latvia
Length: 9:19
Year 2010

Open your mind’s eye to other realities and experiences. In between moments of time these are the eternal movements of being happening at every point of existence.
Even now atoms all around and in you are vibrating with phenomenal speed, your cells are decaying, the Sun is nearing its end, but usually we do not notice these natural dynamics of our universe, because we are so preoccupied with our own self created illusory time and space of everyday.
Inspired by and dedicated to the Christian mystic of the 17th century Angelus Silesius we offer you to see this film and some of the movements between moments.

Shot in high definition video as an experimental short film by aesthetically combining different film techniques and elements from various periods in film history in the rhythm of vibrating thoughts and visions.

Team: Andris Krastiņš, Ieva Birnbauma, Zanda Znotiņa, Ieva Tihovska, Aivis Lisovskis, Dāvis Drazdovskis, Duke*, Dao (octodon degus).

Music created for film by Cat from Japan

License: Creative Commons BY-SA (Approved for Free Cultural Works)

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  1. Name (Feb 25, 2011, 14:13)

    so thats how modern teenagers entertain themselves nowadays

Andris Krastiņš

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