BALTICSHORTS.com is a site, that is created for the film makers and industry professionals from Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) to display their short films and to create a film platform, where they can gain experience and perfect their knowledge.

BALTICSHORTS.com is place where you can watch baltic short filmsĀ online for free and it will make short films more accessible for the audience. As short films mostly reach the audience only through film festivals, this film platform will be working to popularize short films and attract the audience in a more accessible way.

The most important aim of BALTICSHORTS.com is collectively created communication among film creators and industry professionals. This will allow to find and get in touch with collaboration partners in neighbor countries, to develop common projects and create a united cinema field among Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the future.

The BALTICSHORTS.com are collaborate with film festivals – Sleepwalker in Estonia, 2annas in Latvia and Kinopavasaris in Lithuania. But we are looking forward to other Baltic film festivals.

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